Those Christmas Lights

I have mixed feelings about these photographs, which is often the case concerning any photograph I ponder publishing. I don’t particularly like any single one of them but this is one of those cases when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Some background is necessary for these photos because the circumstances in which they came about are somewhat peculiar. Firstly, it just so happens that this post shares a connection with my last post on the Matisyahu concert I shot in San Antonio. After the show, I was approached by a fellow photography enthusiast and we exchanged information. Long story short, we planned on getting together over the Christmas break and eventually decided to go downtown to the San Antonio Riverwalk to take photographs.

It was the infamous reputation the Riverwalk holds around this time of year that drew us; Christmas lights strung up and down the various paths it takes. But as you will see, there aren’t many¬†Christmas lights prominently featured in the photographs I chose to share. I guess I just didn’t see them, or, perhaps I wasn’t there to see them.